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Health Insurance, Mediclaim Plan – IndiaFirst Mediclaim Plan











Your Family, Your Health… Our Promise!

Health is the most important asset you have. When you work hard to meet your aspirations, sometimes you tend to forget about your health. Modern day stress, eating habits, sedate life style and family conditions can cause serious damage to your health.

In-spite of taking effective steps to ensure your wellness, should something happen, do you have enough money to meet the rising health care costs? Most of us ignore health insurance because we don't spend time preparing for an event that we believe will never affect us.

Keeping the above in mind, we have developed a comprehensive yet simple and efficient health insurance plan that adapts itself to your changing needs.

Our IndiaFirst Mediclaim provides health insurance coverage to you and your family under a single plan. It provides cashless hospitalization benefits, payment of actual costs,and coverage of specific treatments without hospitalization.

Additionally, you have the convenience of cashless hospitalization and instant claim settlement through our Health Card. You just need to swipe your Health Card like you do your credit card at admission and discharge and our Call Center will instantly authorize the claim payment.


Key Features

  • Comprehensive health insurance plan for you and your family!
  • Quick swipe and Instant payment through the Health card has never been so easy before.
  • Enhanced health cover benefits for every claim free year without any charge.
  • No more unnecessary hospitalization - avail complete medical care without staying overnight for 200 day care procedures!
  • Break free from limited reimbursements - your actual expenses now get reimbursed.
  • Two in one benefit of life cover + health cover - you can simply opt for life cover under IndiaFirst Term Rider under this plan.
  • Premium rate is guaranteed for next three years.
  • Enjoy tax benefits on the health premium you pay. You will also get tax benefits on the rider premium if any.


Risk Factors

  • This is a non linked, non-participating health insurance plan.
  • There is no maturity or survival benefit payable under this plan.




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