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IndiaFirst Secure Save Plan

Security + Bonus




Your joy... Our security!

All of us dream about the perfect house, the best education, the latest car – the finest that life has to offer for our loved ones. We understand the importance of these dreams and present you a simple plan to help you secure them.

Our IndiaFirst Secure Save plan offers you an assured amount plus additional returns in the form of bonus declared by the company. We will pay the sum assured plus all bonuses paid till date in case of the life assured's untimely demise, ensuring the financial security of his/ her loved ones.


Key Features

  • You can build your savings systematically, through regular premium contributions based on your income and needs.
  • The plan offers a death benefit equal to the basic sum assured in case of the life assureds' untimely demise. The death benefit along with the simple reversionary bonus accumulated (till death) and additional sum assured as per the term rider (if chosen) will be paid out.
  • The basic sum assured along with simple reversionary bonus and terminal bonus, if any will be paid at the end of the plan term.
  • Under Section 80C you can enjoy tax benefits on the premium you invest. You can also get tax benefits on the benefits you receive at maturity of your plan, under Section 10(10D).
  • The simple bonus to be declared every financial year end depends upon the surplus generated under this and any similar kind of product.
  • The bonus rate may vary from time to time.


Risk Factors

Bonus declaration for 2014-2015

Simple reversionarybonus declaration for 2014-2015
  • Bonus of 3.5% declared for IndiaFirst Secure Save Plan (UIN: 143N012V01)
Interim bonus declaration for 2014-2015
  • Bonus of 3% declared for IndiaFirst Secure Save Plan (UIN: 143N012V01)