Everyone knows that Coronavirus & Covid-19, are the latest buzzwords these days. Since the day it was first reported, the virus has certainly wreaked havoc all over the entire world. There is also a growing perception that in the times ahead, the need to buy life insurance will go up. Given this fact, people are now more concerned and looking forward to buying a life insurance policy.




Going the online way:

Minimal human interaction is the need of the hour. We all need evolve ourselves to a level where we can operate in this online world. Today buying anything online has become much easier with access to all type of products like clothes, groceries, consumer goods and above all, financial products which were always treated as something needing human advice and interaction.


Best way to buy life insurance during COVID-19:

While more people look forward to buying life insurance, the need to maintain social distancing is still in place. Since COVID-19 has restricted humans to maintain distance, online is the best way to buy insurance during the pandemic. Although we lived in an era where agents or advisors approached us personally & explained the product to us, today the scenario has changed. You can search for life insurance products online, compare them, evaluate the features and buy it yourself. It’s as simple as buying your favorite pair of shoes online.

We, at IndiaFirst Life are also are offering a unique way to purchase Life Insurance online from the comfort of your home with our “Ghar Bhaithe Insurance.” So, you can secure your loved ones in just one click.


E-KYC process

Another important part of the life insurance buying process is the completion of KYC norms. It is an initiative to make the process of buying policy quicker and easier. It works by enabling you to do the KYC process online without the need of physically meeting the customer. The IRDAI has now allowed 29 insurance companies to adapt this process to meet the KYC requirements. The process has replaced a bunch of documents such as address proof, photograph and identity proof with just Aadhaar. For a situation like now, wherein the customer cannot step out of the house and people are adapting online services owing to lockdown and social distancing, this is useful and helpful for customers when it comes to buying an insurance policy.



By now, you have got a fair idea that buying life insurance is still very easy and buying it online is the best way to get your life secured in these tough times. Stay Home & Stay Protected with IndiaFirst Life Insurance.