It’s 2019, and who in this age, doesn’t appreciate a “2.0” or an upgrade, to any experience that touches them? Insurance, you will be pleasantly surprised, too has joined this revolution that has cut across all imaginable categories.



What if I say, as a valued, existing IndiaFirst Life customer, you stand to gain more for the same amount paid? I can take the instance of the new and improved IndiaFirst Life e-Term plan, a product launched presently, in succession to the IndiaFirst Life Anytime Plan. Customers of the Anytime Plan can now, as per a switch programme that IndiaFirst Life has in place, opt for the e-Term offering. The IndiaFirst Life e-Term Plan is a newer, more evolved product – offering competitive rates and compelling benefits to customers checking some basic eligibility boxes.

This is the company’s way of proactively offering an upgrade to its existing customers. An anecdotal comparison will be any mobile-based application. Those who have always had it, stand to benefit from an upgrade to it, as much as a person newly downloading it.

A new regulatory environment and an ecosystem witnessing vibrant tech-based disruption, blends perfectly with the “CustomerFirst” philosophy, the centrepiece of our ideals as a life insurer. IndiaFirst Life is among the select life insurers perhaps, that reaches out proactively to its customer base to seek consent to upgrade to the e-Term plan. The points I’ve been raising at every interval on keeping customer delight at the heart of all endeavours. It shows intent and initiative, especially through the insistence of passing on any benefit due to evolved product versions directly to the customer at the policy renewal stage.

Gone are the days where companies simply answer support questions. Today, customers are expecting more from their service experience. Thankfully, an upgrade to customers provides a massive opportunity to create loyal customers.


With the right strategies in place, I believe the sky is the limit.