Don’t Retire Hurt!


No, this isn’t a reference to Cricket. For once, we have found something more important than sport to talk about: You.

You’ve worked for what feels like decades now. Life is stable enough, you’re getting older, and your job takes more and more out of you every day.

Retirement time? Not quite.


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Before you pull the plug on that job, you need to know if you’re ready for it. Because no matter how badly you want to retire, you must remember:


1. You might still have to support your family after retirement:


As you grow, so does your family. But once you’re ready to retire, you still need to ask yourself if your family is ready for it as well.

Do your children have stable, long-term incomes? Does the house need more work done? Could you use additional paid help around the house?

Families never retire- and cutting off a major source of income should be done with great thought, and a greater backup. A retirement plan, naturally, will help.


2. You want to travel, splurge and LIVE:


This one speaks for itself. But we’re very good at forgetting things as we grow older- including our dreams. Think about it. How many times can you remember your parents giving up something, so that you may have more instead?

Don’t compromise on your golden years. After decades of work, you deserve to spend time traveling, splurging and living expensively- if even for just a holiday.

If you aren’t ready to live the dream just yet, there’s more planning to be done!


3. Contingencies:


We say you never know when things can happen- but you can be sure they will happen, nevertheless. That’s why you siphon away a rainy-day fund – looking to protect yourself in the future.

But contingencies don’t have a time limit, and sometimes, they visit several times. Can you take the hit, time after time?

With the right planning, you can! And that retirement can continue, as planned.


4. We’re living longer than ever before:


Yes, I’m taking good news and making it bad news. Sorry. But it is a fact!

We live longer now than our ancestors did- thanks to advancements in science and technology taking the burden off our backs. But now, we have that many more years to fund ourselves!

Incredulous as it sounds, living longer is logically more expensive.

The saying on a popular TV show is “Live long and prosper.”

Don’t do one, without the other.


5. Financial independence:


You grow up dreaming of it. Then, in your mid to late twenties- you achieve it. An independent account. A self-sustaining lifestyle. Savings in the bank and purchasing power in your hands.

Financial independence is yours, and life feels good!

Then you retire and your pension pulls you down to earth. Lifestyle changes, building expenses, and financial dependence are all back again!

Your kids will be more than happy to help you out, but this isn’t about them. We crave financial independence too much to simply give it up when we retire.


Invest. Build those savings. Get a plan. And that great early retirement will be a certainty