Suitability Matrix

Set Your Goal

Please select 3 out of 6 priorities from below, further the priorities has to be selected in form of 1,2 and 3

My Needs Choose any 3 priorities (1-3)
Estimated target value of Insurance (p.a.)
Secure your child's education/marriage Clear Selection
Regular income after retirement Clear Selection
Savings for defined goal Clear Selection
Managing and Growing Wealth Clear Selection
Life cover Clear Selection
Life cover against loan/liability Clear Selection

Describe Your Requirement

1A. Please Select Time horizon to achieve your goal *

1B. Please select your age *

2. Which of the following best describes your current life stage? *

3. Please select your occupation *

4. In case you are self-employed, your business can be any of the following *

5. How much is your Annual Disposable Income?  *

6. How many insurance Policies do you have (including spouse and children)? *

7. What type of Insurance is right for you? *