What do we mean by e-Insurance?


e-Insurance is the insurance equivalent of a demat account with an insurance repository. It offers a reliable facility to keep all your insurance policies in an electronic/ dematerialised form. It is a single platform that lets you make changes in the insurance policy with utmost convenience. All you need to do is to open one e-Insurance Account and tag all your insurance policies to this account.

An e-Insurance Account is free, simple to open and operate, highly secure and available online. You can manage all your life insurance policies of all the insurers under a single e-Insurance Account. This in turn helps you track and maintain your insurance portfolio in real-time.

You can do away with KYC norms (like address and identity proof) for every purchase with an e-Insurance Account.


What are the benefits of an e-Insurance Account?


  • Safety: The electronic form ensures that the policies are in safe custody, as there is no risk or loss associated with an e-Insurance Account.
  • Convenience: All insurance policies can be electronically filed under a single e-Insurance Account. A copy of the policy can be downloaded also the details of any of the policies can be accessed at any time by logging on to the online portal of the Insurance Repository.
  • Single Point of Service: A single request can cater to policies across different insurers. Service requests can be submitted at any of Insurance Repository's service points. For instance, a single change of address request made to the Insurance Repository can update the policies issued by multiple insurers. You won’t have to visit several offices of individual insurers for the service request.
  • Save time and Go Green: You don’t have to keep submitting KYC details each time a new policy is taken. Since all your transactions are paperless, you also contribute to the environment.
  • Statement of Account: At least once every year, the Insurance Repository will send a statement of account with the details of all your policies.
  • Single View: Single view of all the policies will be made available to an authorised person in case of death of the e-Insurance account holder.