Group Protection Plans

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Protect your employees/ group members as well as their families by investing in a comprehensive protection cover by IndiaFirst Life Insurance.

Here are the products that shield your employees and their loved ones.

Why Choose Group Protection Plans offered by IndiaFirst?

  • Extend the benefits

    In case of the untimely death of an employee/member, the family of the insured would get a lumpsum benefit

  • Safeguard your interests

    The plan protects a credit institution against default in case of death of the insured employee/member

  • Tax Benefit

    Get tax benefits on the premiums you pay and benefits you receive as per prevailing income tax laws

Some factors to consider

  • Insurance for all

  • Research insurance company’s track record

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Insurance for all

Group insurance provides all your members with a life cover, thus ensuring basic financial security for them.

Research insurance company’s track record

Before investing in a group product, it is important to check and compare the benefits of the policy and company’s performance with those in the market.


  • What are the types of groups covered under this scheme?

    Group protection plans are available for both employer-employee as well as affinity groups. An affinity group can be an association that is represented by a professional organisation, government agency, co-operative society etc. However, groups must not be formed for the sole purpose of insurance.

  • What is the minimum age of entry?

    The minimum age of entry for the employee is 14 years.