Child Plans

Secure your child’s future, secure his dreams

Child Plans offer you regular guaranteed payouts for financing your child’s dream. Also secure child’s future even in your absence with comprehensive financial protection

Why Choose Childs Plan offered by IndiaFirst?

  • Power to realize their dreams

    We design plans that are not just built on various benefits but also empower you to ultimately achieve the milestones that you and your child have set together

  • Safety of your loved ones

    We ensure that even in unforeseen events they are protected with the help of a life insurance cover

  • Child’s goals remain unaffected

    With the help of an in-built waiver of premium (in case of death / disability of life assured) we provide safety to your child’s goals

  • Apt financial support

    We provide you multiple risk cover and payout options along with flexible policy and pay terms which helps you provide the perfect monetary support

  • Tax Benefit

    Get tax benefits on the premiums you pay and the benefits you receive as per prevaling tax laws

Some Factors to consider

  • Determine your child’s goals

  • Start Early

  • Choose the right plan

Know More

Determine your child’s goals

Every goal should be teamed with a clear road map and each have an achievement timeline. Hence, a smart planning specially in case of your child’s future will take you a long way

Start Early

The earlier you start planning for your child’s needs, the more time you have to build a corpus for the achievement of their goals. Hence avoid delaying your planning process. Get in touch with us today and start planning.

Choose the right plan

Every child is unique and so are their dreams needs. We suggest you buy an insurance plan that suits your needs and respective financial goals.. This way you will have the perfect financial planning in place to help your child fulfill his dreams

IndiaFirst Life Child Plans

Create a stream of wealth for your child's future as you gain the peace of mind of life cover and the benefits of a child saving plan with IndiaFirst Life. Parenting is probably the most significant responsibility you will ever take on in life. Successful parenting has many components. Not only do you have to safeguard your child's physical health, but you also have to ensure that their mental and emotional health is stable.

As a parent, you cannot just live in the present. Financial planning for your child's future, especially when you are not around, forms a significant part of successful parenting. A child policy helps you secure your child's future by providing for milestone after milestone, even in your absence.

A child insurance plan is a financial planning tool that serves as a saving-cum-insurance child policy. Save consistently for your child over an extended period to create wealth that will guarantee their protection and the completion of their dreams in the years to come.

A child plan is designed to meet a growing child's financial needs—from school admission and higher education to eventual marriage and other requirements. As you watch your children grow and blossom in front of your eyes, a child plan allows you to rest easy, knowing that you have made the best possible provisions for your little ones.

Parenting involves creating the best platform from which your child can launch him/herself and take on the world. You have ensured that your child gets the best of everything today. However, your responsibilities do not end there. Systematic saving with a child policy or child saving plan today means you can manage big milestones with small steps taken consistently.

Before you select a child plan, it is best to identify the milestones in your child's life—from education to marriage. This planning will help you decide how much to save for your child's future. IndiaFirst Life's child plans are dedicated to ensuring that you meet your child's needs at every milestone. Choose a child policy in India that offers the benefits of a child saving plan as well as the life cover of insurance for children.

Fulfil your responsibilities towards your child with the help of a child saving plan. Whether or not you are around, a child plan policy has your dear one covered and ready for the world. Watch your child climb the pinnacle of success with a little help from IndiaFirst Life child plans.

Why Do You Need a Child Education Plan?

A child education plan provides the dual benefit of investment and insurance. Investment helps systematically build a corpus for your child’s future, thereby securing their educational ambitions. Insurance offers financial protection in case of the breadwinner’s unexpected demise.

Child education insurance plan also offer death benefit, waiver of premium, flexible premium payment terms, partial withdrawals for emergencies and tax benefits.

Why is a child plan important?

In order to understand the benefits of child insurance, it is essential to understand what a child plan is. Are there benefits of life insurance for child/children? You may think that children have no need or use for insurance policies, but this is far from the truth. A child insurance plan is an insurance-cum-child saving plan that allows you to create a corpus to meet your child's future needs.

Depending on the child saving plan you have chosen, you either stand to receive a lump sum amount at maturity or periodic endowments through the course of the child plan policy. A lump sum could be used to fulfil more extensive milestone requirements such as higher education or marriage expenses. Periodic pay-outs offer financial support at multiple stages in your child's life.

Typically, one of the benefits of life insurance for child/children is a substantial insurance life cover sum assured. The child receives this amount as a death benefit in the case of the policy holder's untimely demise. Most child life insurance plans cover an amount that is at least 10 times the annual premium amount. Along with these benefits of child insurance, you are also assured that the child policy does not end abruptly, even after your passing. As child insurance benefits, you receive the assurance that the insurer will continue to pay premiums after the death of the policy holder and then pay the child/nominee the maturity benefits at the end of the child plan term.

Some insurance for children policies also offers the option of monthly pay-out in addition to a lump sum death benefit. This monthly income from the child policy helps in the management of daily expenses. With all of these child insurance benefits, a child saving plan is a smart idea and should be a part of the financial planning you do for your little one.

What are the benefits of buying a child plan?

A child insurance plan offers unique benefits to the policy holder and the child, along with life cover. Here are a few benefits of life insurance for child that make it a valuable addition to your financial portfolio:

A child plan helps in wealth creation for a child's education.

The costs of quality education have only been increasing. Creating a stream of wealth in the form of a corpus that is accessible to you at specific milestones in your child's life is important and deserves your attention. With a child plan, you can pay premium amounts in flexible instalments and create a lump sum that can be used to meet your child's school and higher education needs.

A child saving plan creates a corpus for a child's medical needs.

Depending on the endowment child plan you have chosen, one of the child insurance benefits to avail of is the influx of periodic returns in the form of a percentage of the sum assured. These guaranteed pay-outs can be helpful to meet your child's needs at that moment. This corpus can be used to meet educational expenses as well as medical needs, should any arise.

A child insurance plan ensures financial security for your child in any eventuality.

Losing a parent is a psychological and financial blow that children are not equipped to deal with. While no quantum of preparation is enough to ensure the healing of a child's psyche in such an eventuality, you can ensure that your child remains financially secure and protected whatever happens.

Choose a child plan that offers you a premium waiver benefit, so the burden of paying premiums falls on the insurer in case of the policy holder's untimely demise. Not only will the child/nominee receive a lump sum amount, but he/she also does not need to worry about future premium payments. At maturity, the child gets the maturity amount and bonuses (if the child policy allows it) to ensure your child's financial security in any eventuality.

Get an efficient blend of saving and insurance with child life insurance plans.

This child plan offers a perfect blend of saving and insurance. Not only do you receive regular guaranteed pay-outs to finance your child's dreams, but you also get to secure your child's future, even in your absence, with comprehensive financial protection.

Why should you buy a child insurance plan?

Often, parenting and worrying go hand-in-hand. As a parent, you are worried about the growth and wellbeing of your child. You try hard to ensure that you make the best decisions for your child's present and future. You hope that your child grows up to become a responsible and happy adult.

All of these worries are magnified when you consider that an unfortunate event could mean that you are not around to ensure your child's wellbeing. Getting a child insurance plan is essential for a parent's peace of mind. The benefits of life insurance for child ensure that you continue to fulfil your responsibility towards your child even in your absence.

A child saving plan helps you to meet the rising costs of education.

Whether your child is the next Elon Musk or Van Gogh, it is your responsibility to ensure that you do not fall short when it comes to meeting education expenses. When it comes to helping your children fulfil their dreams, compromising is not an option. However, with inflation and the rising cost of quality education, financial planning is a must if you hope to send your child to the best private schools and reputed colleges.

At this juncture, a child saving plan is a life-saver. From paying for extracurricular activities and supporting your child's budding hobbies to honing their talent and pushing them to achieve their highest goals, the corpus from a child plan ensures that your child is not left wanting.

A child plan helps create a substantial corpus.

There was a time when a child's growth and future was mostly predictable. Today, it is difficult to envisage what your child might want to d later in life. Will your child choose to get married or buy a house to enjoy their independence? Will your child pursue an education in the sciences or the arts? Will you need a corpus for expenses like purchasing a car or helping fund your child's globetrotting dreams? Irrespective of what your child wants to achieve in life, child insurance benefits such as guaranteed pay-outs and sum assured will stand you in good stead.

A child policy helps raise a responsible adult.

Children are a source of pride and joy. Parents put in their best efforts and hope that their child grows up to be a responsible adult and a credit to society. Children may not do what you say, but you can bank on the fact that they will do as you do—as such, presenting them with an example and idol to aspire to is a parent's job. Children learn quickly and copy whatever their parents do.

The decisions you make pertaining to money, savings, investment, and insurance will form the financial blueprint in your child's mind. Purchasing a child insurance plan eases your most significant worries about your child's future expenses and presents an excellent example of financial planning that your child can emulate.

How to buy the best child plan?

There are many child life insurance plans to choose from. The process of how to buy a child plan is simple if you know what you are looking for. Here is a step-by-step guide to buy a child plan you will be happy with. Utilise the tips in this guide to buy a child plan to ensure the best future outcomes for your child.

Buy a child policy early

The question of when to buy is as important as how to buy a child plan. As with any other insurance and saving plan, it is recommended that you buy a child plan as early as possible. To build a significant corpus and counter inflation, you have to stay invested for an extended period. The overall child insurance plan benefits you stand to reap are much higher if one starts earlier. Childhood is a finite period of time, and every year you delay investing is likely to cost you dearly.

Assuming your child needs money for college by the time she is 18, investing when she is 5 years old gives you 13 years of compounded interest versus investing when she is 10 years old and getting only 8 years. When you consider how compounding interest snowballs your investment, this gap of 5 years means a lot of money. In the latter case, you might end up having to take an education loan at a high-interest rate to meet your child's needs.

Factor in inflation

The next step in the guide to buy a child plan is to understand economic variables and factor in rising costs and inflation into your financial planning. The amount you sign up for as the sum assured needs to be good enough a decade or two later. Inflation is a reality that needs to be factored while saving for your child's future. What sounds like an appropriate amount for professional course fees today is unlikely to be enough after 15-20 years. The best child plan is one that creates a corpus that is adequate to meet your child's needs in the future.

Do your due diligence

Once you factor inflation and how much your child will need, consider your budget and what you can afford to invest. Do your due diligence by researching child insurance plan benefits and read the terms and conditions of the child plan properly in the next step of the guide to buy a child plan. The best child plan is one that you understand and approve of.

Make use of child insurance plan benefits

Depending on the child policy you select, there are certain benefits that you could opt for. For instance, check if your child policy offers you the premium waiver benefit. In the case of your unfortunate death during the child policy tenure, the insurer continues to pay the premiums for you if you have chosen the premium waiver child plan benefit.

Other benefits to check when you buy a child plan are whether taking a loan against the policy is an option, the tax benefits you stand to gain for premiums paid, the type of funds the child plan will invest in, and the partial withdrawal policy of the insurer.

Types of Child Plans

There are two types of child insurance plans: 

  1. Child Unit Linked Insurance Plan invests one part of the premium payment in insurance for financial security. The other part is invested in equity and debt instruments to grow your savings.  

  1. Child Savings Plan is the best child insurance plan for guaranteed, risk-free returns with life cover, maturity benefits and tax benefits. 

How Do Child Education Plans Work?

To buy the best child plan, first determine the investment amount that will cover your child’s needs. Then choose the child plan policy – Child ULIP or Child Savings Plan – that meets your requirements. In case of any unfortunate event during the policy term, all future premiums are waived off and the maturity amount is paid to the child in instalments till policy maturity, otherwise the full cover amount is given as a lump sum at the end of the term. 

Features of Child Insurance Plans

1) They build a corpus for your child’s education goals. 

2) Child ULIP Plan offers better returns which helps combat inflation. 

3) The child is financially secure irrespective of any unfortunate event or not.   

4) Features like waiver of premium, flexible premium payment terms, partial withdrawal for emergencies and tax benefits make a child plan beneficial.  

What are the child life insurance plans by IndiaFirst Life?

A child plan is a crucial element in a financial portfolio. Insurance for children may differ based on a variety of parameters centred on one's priorities and requirements. A child plan can be customised to suit your preferences. In general, there are a few different types of child plans that you can opt for in India.

Regular premium child insurance plan

One of the types of child insurance plan options is a regular premium child plan. In such a child plan, you are required to pay regular premiums at predefined periodic intervals. Depending on the child policy, you have the option of paying premiums on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly basis.

Single premium child policy

In a single premium child plan, you are required to pay a lump sum amount as a single premium at the start of the policy term. In these types of child plans, the one-time payment covers the whole of the policy term.

ULIP child plan

Depending on your risk appetite, you may also choose a unit-linked insurance policy or ULIP child plan. Such types of child plans typically feature a higher life cover, periodic payment option, and investments in the equity market.

Traditional endowment child insurance policy

A well-known example of a child saving plan, a traditional endowment child plan, combines financial security and savings benefits. In such types of child plans, you are required to maintain a consistent pace of premium payment for a predefined period or premium payment term. Upon maturity, the child receives a lump sum amount. In a participating endowment child plan, there may be bonuses payable at the time of maturity, as announced by the insurer. Such a child plan involves investment in low-risk debt instruments.

IndiaFirst Life Little Champ Plan

  • Non-linked, participating, child life insurance plan
  • Regular guaranteed pay-outs
  • In-built Waiver of Premiums
  • Choice of death benefit pay-out—lump sum or regular income
  • 8 pay-out options offering guaranteed 101-125% of sum assured
  • Tax benefits

Why choose a child plan offered by IndiaFirst Life?

To give your children the power to realise their dreams

IndiaFirst Life designs child plans built on various benefits and empowers you to ultimately achieve the milestones that you and your child have set together.

To ensure the safety of your loved ones

IndiaFirst Life plans ensure that even in unforeseen events, your child is protected with the help of a life insurance cover.

To safeguard your child's goals

With the help of an in-built waiver of premium (in case of death/disability of the life assured), IndiaFirst Life plans provide safety to your child's goals and ensure that they remain unaffected by any circumstances.

To access flexibility and financial support

IndiaFirst Life plans provide you multiple risk cover and pay-out options along with flexible policy and payment terms, which helps you give the perfect monetary support to your family.

To avail of tax benefits

Get tax benefits on the premiums you pay and the benefits you receive as per prevailing tax laws.


  • What do you mean by child education plan?

    A child education plan is an insurance policy that provides protection as well as savings. It safeguards your children’s future by ensuring that they receive the desired education in case of any unfortunate events. The plan allows withdrawing money in partial withdrawals or lump sum amount, as per the requirement. 

  • Why should I buy the IndiaFirst Life child plan?

    The IndiaFirst Life child plan is designed to give you assurance, flexibility, and safety, all in one plan, to cope with your little ones' dynamic dreams. The IndiaFirst Life child plan will provide regular guaranteed pay-outs to coincide with the milestones that you have planned for your child. This child plan can be purchased online for your convenience.

  • What if I am not there tomorrow to take care of my child's needs?

    You now have us to be there for your child, even when you may not be. We provide for your planned pay-outs even if something untoward were to happen to you. Under the Waiver of Premium options, no future premiums need to be paid, but the policy remains effective.

  • How many pay-out options do I have to choose from?

    There is a wide choice of 8 pay-out options offering 101% to 125% of your Sum Assured available for you to choose from as per your child's requirements. In some alternatives, you can choose to receive a yearly pay-out during the policy term and a maturity benefit with accrued bonuses (if any). You can also choose not to receive periodic pay-outs and get a higher total guaranteed pay-out at maturity with accrued simple reversionary bonuses and a terminal bonus (if declared).

  • Do I get anything apart from the guaranteed pay-outs?

    Yes, your policy will earn a bonus every year, and you will receive all your bonuses accrued (if any) along with the last instalment of pay-out at maturity. In a participating child policy, you may receive simple reversionary bonuses (if declared) accrued till the date of the maturity of the child policy and a terminal bonus (if declared).

  • Should I buy life insurance for my child?

    Yes, a child insurance plan is a must as it fulfils a parent’s responsibility of securing their children’s educational aspirations. 

  • How to plan your child's education?

    It is advisable to buy a child plan as early as possible. The longer you stay invested, the bigger the corpus will grow. Compare different child insurance plan benefits and study the policy terms and conditions in detail. Take advantage of all the benefits offered for added financial protection.  

  • What are the risks covered in the IndiaFirst Life child plan?

    Under the IndiaFirst Life child plan, a number of risks are covered. The life covers encompass death, accidental death, accidental disability, and a combination of all three. The premium amount changes depending on the choice of risk cover. You can choose from death cover, death plus accidental death cover (ADB), death plus accidental total permanent disability (ATPD), and death plus ATPD plus ADB, also known as comprehensive cover.