IndiaFirst Life Saral Plans

IndiaFirst Life’s Saral plans have been designed keeping in mind your specific financial needs. The benefits are standardized and simple for the ease of your understanding and so that you can make an informed decision while securing your and your family’s future.

Why Choose IndiaFirst Life Saral Plans


    Plans so simply built , that can be understood with minimal support


    Even before you buy the plan, know and understand the benefits, as we define them clearly for you


    Making an informed decision is your right, do it with ease with the standardized offerings


    Get tax benefits on premiums you pay as well as the benefits you receive as per prevailing income tax laws

Some factors to consider for Saral Plans

  • Choose your financial need the need you wish to secure

  • Plan based on your life stage

  • Understand your benefits

  • Choose from various plan and feature options

Saral Plan

When it comes to meeting your primary financial goals and protecting your family from the certain uncertainties of the future, IndiaFirst Life Saral Plans are what you need in your corner. Make an informed financial decision for the future wellbeing of your family with IndiaFirst Life Saral Plan offerings. Enjoy the advantages of standardised benefits and policy terms that are simple and understandable.

Created to offer standardised and uniform insurance products across insurers, IRDAI-approved Saral Plans are designed with your specific financial needs in mind.

  • To meet your financial requirements in the future, you need a pension plan that will stand you in good stead once your professional income stops.
  • In the unfortunate eventuality of your untimely demise, a pure protection term plan benefits would kick in to provide financial security to your loved ones.

Saral scheme plans cover your fundamental finance and insurance requirements with a pure protection saral policy and a pension plan.

Why should you choose Saral Plans?

The word ‘saral’ means straightforward. The Saral plans are designed to be just that—straightforward and easy to understand. Regardless of which insurance company you buy a Saral plan from, the offerings are streamlined, and the primary product will remain the same.

Simple to understand

With so many different life insurance products flooding the market, choosing the right one for your needs becomes a process. You have to do your due diligence, research the product, wade through policy documents, consider all inclusions and exclusions, and then select your term plan. This is a detailed process, particularly for those who are first-time insurance buyers and new to investing.

IndiaFirst Life Saral Plans are not weighed down with jargon. They are simply built, feature-rich, ‘saral’ plans that can be understood with minimal support and confusion.

Standardised offerings

India is home to a multi-faceted society of people. Maintaining parity and standardised offerings across such a large population of diverse income groups is not an easy task. Furthermore, many people work in the unorganised sectors and do not have acceptable income proof required to purchase insurance products. This is particularly true for people who are self-employed or working in the informal sector, earning Rs. 3-5 lakhs or lesser annually.

The Saral plans feature standardised offerings that are not affected by your age, gender, caste, educational profile, or income. Make an informed decision with the peace of mind of standardised and transparent offerings.

Clearly defined benefits

To ward off mis-selling of insurance policies, the Saral plans enlist benefits that are clearly defined and easy to understand. This transparency is a much-loved feature of the Saral plans as it reduces the need for guesswork. Before you buy IndiaFirst Saral Plans, you can rest assured that you have all the information and a deep understanding of the benefits and advantages that the Saral scheme offers you.

With IndiaFirst Life Saral Plans, you will not be left wondering, ‘What’s in it for me?” The Saral plans enlist benefits and provisions that are clearly defined from the very start.

Minimal restrictions

A term insurance plan or a pension annuity product presents an essential financial decision for you. However, insurers also have specific criteria in play, based on which you are offered the policy. For instance, before underwriting a term plan for any individual, the insurer looks into factors like gender, occupation, educational qualifications, place of residence, income, etc. Even with an approved policy, many people find that they have not been given the sum assured they hoped for. These initial checks may not work out in your favour.

IndiaFirst Life Saral Plans are meant for all Indian citizens, regardless of their education, class, or occupation. Get financial security with minimal restrictions.

Tax benefits

One of the benefits of purchasing insurance products is that you can use the purchase to claim tax benefits and exclusions. Regardless of which Saral policy you choose, you stand to receive tax benefits on the premiums paid towards the Saral scheme and the death/maturity benefits you receive at the end of the policy term.

IndiaFirst Life Saral Plans feature tax benefits based on the prevailing income tax laws in the country.

IndiaFirst Life Saral Plans

Insurance products have always been burdened with legal language. Over the years, this jargon has made it difficult to understand insurance products, leaving most people confused about what they are paying for. IndiaFirst Life Insurance believes in simplifying jargon and giving you all the pertinent information in an easy-to-understand format. IRDAI-approved IndiaFirst Life Saral Plans continue in the same tradition—saral plans, saral benefits.

IndiaFirst Life Saral Pension Plan

The IndiaFirst Life Saral Pension Plan is a single premium, non-linked, non-participating individual immediate annuity policy. This Saral scheme offers standardised benefits under two straightforward annuity options.

IndiaFirst Life Saral Jeevan Bima Plan

The IndiaFirst Life Saral Jeevan Bima Plan is a non-linked, non-participating, individual pure term insurance policy designed to provide life cover and financial protection at an affordable cost. This Saral policy helps you safeguard your loved ones for up to 40 years.

What are the factors to consider for Saral Plans?

Saral plans are regulator-mandated, and they offer standardised benefits to all policyholders. The Saral scheme features, specific Saral policy terms and conditions, and primary Saral plan benefits remain the same across insurers. With Saral plans, the differentiators are the premium charges, ease of onboarding, after-sales support, insurer’s reliability, and claims settlement ratio. Before you opt for a Saral plan, here are a few crucial factors to consider:

Choose the need you wish to secure

The first question to ask yourself is, what are your financial goals. Are you hoping to safeguard your family members’ future while enjoying life cover or save up for your retired years? Do you want to ensure that your spouse receives an income even after your death? Understand your financial goals, and choose the need that you wish to secure.

With IndiaFirst Life Saral Plans, you can choose to protect your life with the pure protection IndiaFirst Life Saral Jeevan Bima. If you want to create a pension fund that replaces your income post-retirement, the IndiaFirst Life Saral Pension Plan is the one for you.

Plan based on your life stage

Your top financial goal is often the one that reflects the stage of life you are in. As a responsible earning member of the family, it is understandable that you stay up at night thinking of what would happen to your loved ones in the case of your untimely death. It is your responsibility to safeguard them against financial difficulties if such a situation comes about. A Saral scheme term plan fulfils your life coverage needs while providing financial security to your family in the future.

As you grow older, you also have to start thinking of who will care for you once you stop earning. No one wants to be a burden on their loved ones. With a Saral scheme pension plan, you can start securing your tomorrow today. Before choosing one of the IndiaFirst Life Saral Plans, consider your life stage and select the plan that meets your most pressing need first.

Understand your benefits

With IndiaFirst Life Saral Plans, all the benefits and advantages you gain by choosing the Saral scheme plans and IndiaFirst Life Insurance are clearly outlined for you. Understand the benefits offered in the Saral policy—maturity/death benefits, premium payment terms, life coverage requirements, tax benefits, loan facilities, etc. Once you know what you stand to gain from IndiaFirst Life Saral Plans, you can make an informed choice with complete peace of mind.

Choose from various plan feature options

IndiaFirst Life Saral plans are designed to offer benefits and features that are easy to understand and use. For instance, the IndiaFirst Life Saral Jeevan Bima plan features multiple premium-paying term (PPT) options for regular premium payers, limited premium saral plans, and single premium payers. Choose plan features such as PPT, policy term, premium payment frequency, sum assured, annuity options (for Saral pension plans), and more. Rest assured that your Saral policy offers standardised benefits, but you can choose plan features and options to ensure that the Saral plan fits your needs perfectly.