Point of Sale Policy

Simplicity redefined with
guaranteed benefits

Nothing is simple in life. However, our plans are, that assure you upfront benefits and are super easy to understand and buy!

Why Choose POS plan offered by Indiafirst

  • Simple to understand

    Plans so simply built that can be understood with minimal support

  • Clearly defined upfront benefits

    Get the assurance you need as you know your benefits even before buying the plan

  • Dual benefit

    Receive dual benefit of protection and savings in one plan

  • Easy to purchase

    The process to buy is quick and automated keeping in mind your convenience

  • Tax benefits

    Get tax benefits on premiums you pay as well as the benefits you receive as per prevailing income tax laws

Some Factors to consider

  • Choose the right plan as per your needs
  • Understand your benefits
  • Opt for the right cover
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Choose the right plan as per your needs

Every individual is unique and so are their financial needs. We suggest when deciding to buy an insurance plan, you go exclusively by what your needs and respective financial goals are. These would assure that you have the perfect financial planning for you in place.

Understand your benefits

Your plan has benefits that are defined even before you buy your policy. However, it is of extreme importance that you understand all the features and benefits of your policy before you decide to buy it.

Opt for the right cover

While you might be tempted to always go for the most affordable plan, however we advise you to keep various things in mind while deciding for it– consider your income, the risk cover you are looking to buy as well as goals of your loved ones. These together will define the kind of cover you require and ultimately design a sustainable plan for you.