Group Retirement and Fund Based Plans

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A plan that helps you meet retirement solutions like gratuity, superannuation and leave encashment for your employees. Also, provides them the additional benefit of life cover.

Here are the products that fall under this category:

Why Choose Group Retirement and Fund Plans offered by IndiaFirst?

  • Meet statutory and retirement requirements

    Ensure availability of funds to meet your obligations towards your employees by investing in this plan

  • Ease of operations and fund management

    IndiaFirst Life manages your funds in the most simplistic and transparent manner

  • Financial stability to employees/group members

    Motivate your employees to perform better by providing them financial stability

  • Choose investment products as per your need

    Depending on your organizational goals, choose between unit-linked or traditional plans

  • Tax Benefit

    Get tax benefits on the premiums you pay and benefits you receive as per prevailing income tax laws.

Some factors to consider

  • Employer-Employee Benefit

  • Balancing Act

  • Research insurance company’s track record

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Employer-Employee Benefit

Gratuity, superannuation and leave encashment form a large part of your employee’s total compensation and by contributing regularly to it, you ensure that your members are taken care of.

Balancing Act

You can earn tax rebates and retain the best employees in your company. Your employees can enhance their earnings and enjoy financial stability. This serves as a win-win situation for both parties.

Research insurance company’s track record

Before investing in a group product, it is important to check and compare the benefits of the policy and company’s performance with those in the market.