IndiaFirst Life Employee Welfare Policy

When their priorities become yours

IndiaFirst Life Employee Welfare Plan is a traditional variable non-linked, non-participating fund based group insurance plan. Manages employee benefits like leave encashment, gratuity and pre and post-retirement Medical expenses for your employees.

Reasons to buy IndiaFirst Life Employee Welfare Plan

  • Manage employee benefits and earn easy returns by providing security on leave encashment, gratuity and pre and post-retirement Medical expenses under separate policies
  • Enjoy a minimum assured guaranteed return of 1% per annum on your investments
  • Earn a non zero positive interest rate on your earnings as declared by us at the start of every financial quarter
  • Safeguard your resources with the help of an additional life cover through our IndiaFirst Group Term Plan
  • Option to avail Additional funding on initial contribution
  • Tax benefits for yourself (employer) as well as your employees as per the existing tax laws

What are the eligibility criteria?

  • Minimum age at entry is 18 years and maximum age at entry is 75 years
  • No minimum age at normal exit and maximum age at normal exit is 76 years
  • Minimum group size is 10 members and no limit on maximum group size
  • Minimum annual contribution is Rs 1,00,000 and No limit on the maximum annual contribution
  • No limit on the size of fund
  • A fixed life cover of Rs 5000 as death benefit under Gratuity, Leave encashment with a Rs. 5 life cover premium, per member, per year

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