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28 Feb 2024


Written by
The Logical Indian
Art and Culture

The Mythical Origins and Historical Evolution

Believed to have originated between, 200 BCE and 600 CE Kalaripayattu's beginnings are intertwined with the mythological narrative of Lord Parasurama reclaiming Kerala from the Arabian Sea. Over centuries, this survival skill transformed into a sophisticated martial art, characterized by intricate techniques and remarkable flexibility. Despite facing challenges during British colonial rule, Kalaripayattu persisted, ingrained in Kerala's societal fabric through training centres known as kalaris.

Resurgence and Global Influence

With India's independence came a resurgence of martial arts, propelling Kalaripayattu back into the limelight. Today, it extends beyond Kerala's borders, reaching neighboring states like Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, and even finding admirers in Sri Lanka. Dubbed the "mother of martial arts," its influence transcends geographical boundaries, shaping other combat styles worldwide.

Harmony with Nature and Training Methodology

At the heart of Kalaripayattu lies a profound connection to nature, with its forms drawing inspiration from animal postures. The training regimen, encompassing body conditioning, weapon mastery, and barehanded combat known as 'Ashta Vadivu,' reflects this harmony with the natural world. Legend has it that Agastya Muni developed these techniques to combat wildlife, eventually adapting them for self-defence against humans.


Kalaripayattu's enduring legacy epitomizes India's ancient wisdom and cultural heritage. From its humble origins in Kerala's forests to its global recognition, it embodies resilience, adaptability, and a deep-rooted connection to nature. As martial arts continue to thrive in India and beyond, Kalaripayattu stands as a timeless embodiment of India's martial prowess, enriching the world with its invaluable tradition and artistry.

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