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20 Feb 2024


Written by
The Logical Indian
Culture and Sport

The Historic Ties

Referenced in the Indian epic Mahabharata, a game akin to Ludo was played by Maharajas, highlighting its significance in Indian history. The Ellora Cave paintings provide tangible evidence of a similar board game's popularity, depicted as an illustration on the cave walls. This historical connection firmly establishes Ludo as an indigenous creation of India, known by various names such as ‘Chaucer,’ ‘Chopad,’ and ‘Pachisi.’

Varied Mediums and Names

Throughout Indian history, Ludo assumed different names, including "Chausar," "Chopad," or "Pachisi." It found expression on diverse platforms, from cloth and slate to more formal board settings. The game's adaptability and widespread appeal underscore its deep-rooted cultural significance.

Evolution and Globalization

The modern iteration of Ludo received a patent in 1896, thanks to British national Alfred Collier. The British Royal Army played a pivotal role in popularizing and transforming the game. Ludo and its variants have gained international acclaim, enjoyed under various monikers in different countries.

Technological Influence

Despite its ancient origins, Ludo persisted in its physical form during the Mughal era. With the advent of technology, the game underwent a global renaissance, transcending geographical boundaries. Virtual adaptations emerged, allowing players to enjoy Ludo remotely through applications and online platforms.


In conclusion, Ludo stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of board games and human creativity. Originating in ancient India as Pachisi/Chausar, Ludo has evolved into a globally recognized pastime. Its historical ties, evident in the Mahabharata and Ellora Cave paintings, showcase the game's enduring cultural significance. As Ludo continues to adapt to the changing times, its universal popularity ensures a secure place in the hearts of gamers across generations.

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