Micro Life Insurance Plans

Because your family's financial protection shouldn't depend on your income.

Dreams and reality are two different worlds? Not anymore! As our fairly priced, flexible and simplistic plans will ensure you strike the right cord between what you want and what you have.

Read through our Micro Life Insurance Plans to know how you can safeguard your loved ones as well as their financial goals in life.

Why Choose Micro Life Insurance Plans as offered by IndiaFirst

  • Goal based financial planning

    Understand and decide in the beginning, if your primary financial goal is security or saving and then implement the micro life insurance product that helps you achieve either or both.

  • Affordable premiums

    Invest in a Micro life insurance tool to get the best of both worlds; affordable premiums and savings in a single offering.

  • Tax Benefits

    Enjoy tax benefits on the premium you invest as well as the maturity of those, under Section 80C and Section 10(10D) as per prevailing Income Tax Laws. The premiums you pay are also exempt from Goods and Services Tax, however this is subject to change as per Tax Laws.

Some factors  to consider

  • Determine your financial goals
  • Choose the right plan
  • Choose your investment horizon

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