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Life insurance isn't just a safety net; it's your helping hand in securing your dreams. Learn about the policies, coverage, benefits, and all about insurance so you can make decisions that make your life better.

We are here to simplify this knowledge-sharing experience, ensuring you navigate the landscape of life insurance with confidence and clarity.


Tax Blogs

ULIP Taxation: Maximise Savings, Maximise Returns
IndiaFirst Life • 05 Mar, 2024 • Views

The amount you invest in ULIP gets divided in two parts – one pays for the life cover, and the remaining is invested in the fund you choose. ULIP offers debt, equity, or a combination of both funds. Your choice depends on your premium payment affordability, risk appetite and future goals.

From TDS to Self-Assessment Tax – Your Complete Guide!
IndiaFirst Life • 17 Nov, 2023 • 34 Views

If you’re eligible to pay income tax, you can easily file your returns yourself. The government has simplified the process by collecting taxes through three ways – TDS, advance tax, and self-assessment tax.

Advance Tax is the ultimate tax stress buster
IndiaFirst Life • 03 Nov, 2023 • 20 Views

Filing your income tax return can be super stressful. You have to plough your way through bank statements, salary slips, and other documents to gather all the information, organize it, and then fill out those forms. Plus, the income tax amount can seem overwhelming.  

Ditch the Tax Stress: A Guide to Gain More from Your 15 Lakhs Salary
IndiaFirst Life • 26 Sep, 2023 • 9 Views

We earn to spend, but we also earn to save for life’s important milestones, such as children’s higher education, post-retirement plans, or even simply to save tax.

Old vs. New Tax Regime: Finding the Perfect Regime to Save Tax for Salary above 20 Lakhs
IndiaFirst Life • 22 Sep, 2023 • 11 Views

The word ‘tax’ scares us. But if you understand the guidelines thoroughly, it will help you plan your taxes properly, and show you how to save tax for 20 lakh income easily.

Maximize Your Savings on an Income of 10+ Lakhs with Smart Tax Planning
IndiaFirst Life • 14 Sep, 2023 • 10 Views

Traditionally, savings in India have focused on two things - planning for the family’s future and saving on taxes.

The What, Why, Which, and How of Income Tax in India
Indiafirst Life • 29 Aug, 2023 • 11 Views

Come June and July, the whole country asks this! This is the time the whole nation is caught up in the frenzy of filing returns.

Let’s bust those myths on term insurance and get your savings on track
IndiaFirst Life • 04 Aug, 2023 • 20 Views

Let’s look at term insurance itself. People choose to believe the life insurance myths around it and lose out on this wonderful saving opportunity.

Term Plan with Return Of Premium: A Win-Win for the Survivor and the Beneficiary
IndiaFirst Life • 27 Jun, 2023 • 9 Views

A good offer is always welcome. People constantly look for ways to earn more money, to secure the futures of their family and themselves.

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We help you understand everything you need to know about insurance to make an informed decision and secure your future.



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We help you understand everything you need to know about insurance to make an informed decision and secure your future.






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