Financially Speaking ft R M Vishakha and Monika Halan
Episode #1

Episode #1 | Financially Speaking ft R M Vishakha and Monika Halan

By R M Vishakha and Monika Halan


10 - 04 - 2021


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The origins of men being breadwinners of the family have been so steeply ingrained in our minds that most of us turn to men for dealing financial matters and advice women to take a backseat. Women are often termed as dependants & whenever women have tried to break stereotypes and prove their mettle in the world of finance, questions have been raised on their financial prowess. Even in casual conversations, it is assumed that women are not practical enough to undersvtand the nitty-gritties of finances. Many share the view that for a woman taking interest in her financial independence is much like a hobby or passion some may wish to pursue. They do not acknowledge how being financially independent is the need of the hour for every person – be it a man or a woman.

The daily struggles behind reaching a secured spot in life is often unnoticed and women fight this battle each day to prove to the world that they are adept in dealing with finances as well as or even better than men. Women keep challenging the stereotypes of being too emotional & have proved to society time and again that their minds are governed by a logical side as well especially when it comes to money.

To shatter the glass ceilings one more time and inspire many women around the world to forge their own path in the world of finance, our MD and CEO, R.M. Vishakha invites Monika Halan - the author of Let's Talk Money in a free-wheeling discussion about the world of finance. Through this podcast, they aim to fuel the fire of women who grapple to rise against odds and make financial independence a driving force in their lives. Tune in to this podcast as these women share their journeys and reveal some interesting insights about women firmly earning their place in a field thought to be dominated by men.

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