Financially Speaking ft R M Vishakha, Guneet Monga and Sanya Malhotra
Episode #2

Financially Speaking ft R M Vishakha, Guneet Monga and Sanya Malhotra

By R M Vishakha, Guneet Monga and Sanya Malhotra


15 - 04 - 2021


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The entertainment industry has always been a glamorous place, inciting our imaginations and making sure viewers enjoy a happy ending after all odds. However, while most movies & life as well, is all about celebrating the certainties of – marriage, children & finally retirement, in life, most seem to fail to plan for these milestones.

Therefore, while reel life and real life may be like chalk and cheese, the actors who perform on the silver screen are not very different from us. Many gems of the entertainment industry have come from humble backgrounds and have reached dead ends more often than we know. Like us, they too, have known the struggles with finances while trying to carve a niche for themselves. The need to be financially independent holds much importance in their lives as much as it does in ours.

Despite all that is shown in beguiling movies, the message of hope is an important takeaway for all. At some point, we all have looked to seek inspiration from movies and people associated with the movie industry. When a movie star or a well-known figure in the entertainment industry speaks about financial matters through their work or outside their work sphere, it is engrossing and we find ourselves riveted to such snippets.

Which is why in this episode of #FinanciallySpeaking, our MD and CEO, R.M. Vishakha invites #SanyaMalhotra and #GuneetMonga to share their journey towards becoming financially independent and dealing with financial matters firmly while focusing on careers. This podcast will bring a few good laughs as Sanya and Guneet shed light on how money matters played a vital role in their lives and speak about the time when each of them received their first paycheques. Most importantly, it will elucidate how being financially aware is an absolute necessity in each one’s life, be it a celebrity or a common person.

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