Your First Valentine’s Day Post the “I Do’s”? Make it memorable.

2020 was a significant year. Even more so for those of you who tied the knot amidst a pandemic.

Author:Subhankar Sengupta | Date:11 Feb 2021 | Time:15:05:00

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2020 was a significant year. Even more so for those of you who tied the knot amidst a pandemic. Despite the circumstances, you began a new life. Love, laughter and happily ever after. But remember, a fairy-tale is incomplete without its spell of protection. You know the one that safeguards the King and Queen from the evil witch and the fire-breathing dragon? In today’s world, that looks a little something like a life insurance policy. It is akin to a magical charm that ensures your years are filled with happiness, health and long-lasting stability & well-being. But don’t wait for your fairy godmother, to magically appear. As Valentine’s Day draws closer, consider building your spouse a fortress of security and comfort, yourself.

But, history bears testimony to many a men, who through the ages, have tried to ‘understand’ the mind of women. In the pursuit of showing their love & loyalty – many have resorted to grand gestures that have been but temporary – think roses that have withered, balloons that have burst, chocolates consumed and forgotten, or jewellery that quite doesn’t match their taste. While the secret to a happy married life has been out in the open, its perhaps never been clearer than now. Helped by the pandemic we understand the value of each for the other, over the values of many other shiny gifts. It’s the feelings of security and togetherness, that strengthens a marriage & brings us true happiness for a long time to come. So, what better time than now to say ‘I Love You’ than Valentine’s Day and what better gift than a ‘Life Insurance Policy’ – that secures the one you love so that they can continue to dream big even if you’re not around. Invest in a plan that strengthens your tomorrows, so that you are empowered to embark on this journey called life with a renewed sense of confidence.

At IndiaFirst Life Insurance, we lay the bricks for a stable home life. While you may be caught up in a vortex of decision making, our experts make sure to carve some time away for financial planning too. Amidst the where to live, how best to decorate the space, when to have kids, what pets to adopt, we will be future-proofing your days ahead. After all, you are sharing, not only your life, but your debts with another person. So, think about how this affects your partner.

Some of you may be putting off life insurance procedures to a later date. To which we respectfully remind you, as a young person, it is more affordable to sign up for a policy today. Lower premiums, of course. And what about your future family expenses? Mortgage payments? Education costs? Travel costs? If one of you were to suddenly fall sick or become debilitated, the other would be burdened with the full outlay. Just think of the exorbitant hospital bills, or the uncontrollable EMIs, for that matter. Getting the right kind of insurance policy reduces your stress of making monthly payments, protects your family in case of a sudden death, and accounts for any/all devastating possibilities.

Do you still want to wait? As the day of love approaches, take a decision that will safeguard your lives for the rest of it in a way that shows you truly care.


Subhankar Sengupta

Subhankar Sengupta Country Head – UBI, Agency & Business Partnerships, oversees IndiaFirst Life’s partnership businesses comprising the regional rural banks, broking and corporate agency, rural and micro channels in association with the agency, and Direct Sales channels. His responsibilities thus centre around extending insurance penetration avenues beyond the company’s parent banks, Bank of Baroda and Andhra Bank. A seasoned executive with a professional journey spanning over 23 years, he dedicated 12 years of service to the Indian life insurance domain. Subhankar’s experience and appreciation of contexts across versatile businesses comes from his association with Cadburys, HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank and Tata AIA.

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