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20 Feb 2024

Fibonacci Sequence

Written by
The Logical Indian
Science and Wellbeing

The Indian Origins

The journey of the Fibonacci Sequence traces back to ancient India, with the mathematician Pingala laying its foundation around the 2nd or 3rd century B.C.E. in his work on Sanskrit prosody. Early references also emerge in the writings of Bharata Muni, highlighting the sequence's significance in Indian mathematical thought long before its Western recognition.

Virahanka and Hemachandra

The sequence gained clarity through the contributions of Virahanka, an Indian prosodist and mathematician, around 700 A.D. His work served as a pivotal milestone in shaping the Fibonacci Sequence into its familiar form. Further popularization came from Acharya Hemachandra in the 12th century, whose writings solidified the sequence's place in Indian mathematical discourse.

Fibonacci's Role

Leonardo Fibonacci's association with the sequence came much later, in the 13th century, through his book Liber Abaci. While Fibonacci introduced the sequence to the Western world, his inspiration stemmed from the works of Indian mathematicians like Hemachandra. Fibonacci's illustration of the sequence through a scenario involving rabbit population growth helped popularize its recurrence in nature.

Enduring Legacy and Contemporary Relevance

The historical origins of the Fibonacci Sequence underscore the rich mathematical contributions of ancient Indian scholars. Despite Fibonacci's role in its dissemination, its roots lie deep in Indian mathematical traditions. Today, the sequence finds applications in various fields, including modelling natural phenomena, financial analysis, and art, highlighting its enduring relevance in modern mathematics.


The history of the Fibonacci Sequence unveils a tale of ancient Indian mathematical ingenuity. While Fibonacci introduced it to the Western world, its origins predate him by centuries, showcasing the foundational contributions of Indian mathematicians like Pingala, Virahanka, and Hemachandra. The sequence's continued relevance in contemporary contexts echoes the timeless nature of mathematical concepts that transcend cultural and historical boundaries.

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