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20 Feb 2024


Written by
The Logical Indian
Tech and Engineering

Chandrayaan-3's Lunar Sojourn

Embarking on a 10-day exploration of the Moon's south pole, Chandrayaan-3 showcased India's commitment to pushing the boundaries of lunar exploration. The south pole, a region of immense scientific interest, holds the promise of unraveling mysteries that have eluded researchers for centuries. The mission's scientific findings and rover capabilities are not only impressive but also vital for future lunar missions and potential human habitation.

Pragyaan's Rover Achievements

One remarkable aspect of Chandrayaan-3's mission is the impressive distance covered by the Pragyaan rover—over 100 meters—at a meticulous speed of 1 centimeter per second. The rover's innovative wheel mechanism, known as the rocker-bogie, allowed it to navigate challenging lunar terrain, avoiding craters and ensuring precise control. This achievement stands as a testament to the meticulous planning and engineering prowess of India's space scientists.

Scientific Insights and Discoveries

Chandrayaan-3's scientific findings have brought forth valuable insights into the Moon's geology and climate. The significant temperature difference between the outer layer and the layer beneath the lunar surface shows that the moon's soil has good insulation properties, which could be useful for future space colonization. Additionally, the confirmation of sulphur directly on the lunar surface provides crucial clues about the Moon's geological history and evolution, contributing to our broader understanding of the solar system's formation.

Moon's Peculiar Shaking & Plasma Measurements

During the mission, the Vikram lander detected a peculiar shaking on the Moon, a phenomenon not witnessed since the 1970s. Scientists are diligently working to decipher the cause, whether it be a celestial impact or a lunar earthquake, providing unprecedented insights into the Moon's internal workings. Furthermore, Chandrayaan-3's pioneering measurements of the near-surface lunar plasma environment in the south polar region ensure stable communication for future lunar missions.


Chandrayaan-3's successful mission is a giant leap in lunar exploration, uncovering the Moon's history, geology, and potential for human habitation. India's strides in space technology reinforce its global standing, making Chandrayaan-3 a groundbreaking lunar journey that rekindles humanity's fascination with our celestial neighbor. This achievement not only adds a new chapter to India's space odyssey but also contributes significantly to the shared knowledge of our cosmic neighborhood.

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