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20 Feb 2024


Written by
The Logical Indian
Culture and Sport

Exploring Carrom's Mysterious Origins

The history of Carrom is veiled in legends that resonate across time, creating an air of mystery surrounding its exact origins. Believed to have emerged in the 18th century in the Indian subcontinent, Carrom's roots draw inspiration from diverse regions like Portugal, Ancient Egypt, or Burma. The variations in its name – Carom, Carum, Karom, and Kairam  Carrom's roots draw inspiration from diverse regions like Portugal, Ancient Egypt, or Burma. The variations in its name – Carom, Carum, Karom, and Kairam – are a testament to its rich and varied cultural impact.

Carrom's Cultural Odyssey

Carrom has transcended geographical boundaries, weaving itself into the fabric of numerous cultures. Nations including Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan have embraced this game as a unifying source of entertainment. Even in European countries, Carrom tournaments have become organized events, showcasing the widespread appeal of this engaging board game. The formation of the International Carrom Federation (ICF) in 1988 marked a pivotal moment, elevating Carrom from a casual pastime to a recognized sport with clear rules and international competitions that attract participants from over 50 countries.

From Pastime to Professional Pursuit

The transition of Carrom from a traditional source of entertainment to a modern and competitive sport underscores its remarkable adaptability. Unlike many sports that emphasize physical prowess, Carrom places a premium on focus and skill, making it an inclusive option for individuals of all abilities. Today, aspiring Carrom players have the opportunity to build careers around their passion, highlighting the game's versatile and accessible nature.

Carrom's Global Appeal Post-World War I

Carrom's global popularity surged, especially after World War I, as its simplicity and minimal space requirements appealed to a broad audience. The establishment of official rules by the ICF further fueled interest, turning Carrom into a beloved pastime enjoyed by people of different ages and cultures worldwide.

Enduring Roots

While Carrom's influence has expanded far beyond the Indian subcontinent, its profound connection to India remains undeniable. Tracing back to the Maharajas, the game's roots speak to its cultural significance. Carrom has transitioned from a leisure activity to a cherished tradition, enduring through generations. As it gained global acclaim, the Indian origin of Carrom remained an integral part of its identity, a testament to the enduring legacy of this beloved board game.


In the world of indoor games, Carrom stands as a shining example of how a simple pastime can transcend boundaries and cultures, evolving into a global sport that unites people across the continents. From its mysterious origins to its present-day status as a competitive pursuit, Carrom's journey reflects not only adaptability but also the enduring power of a beloved tradition rooted in the heart of the Indian subcontinent.

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