Benefits of Buying Term Insurance At Different Ages

One of the best life insurance policies to protect your family's financial future from unforeseen circumstances is a term plan.

Author:IndiaFirst Life | Date:26 Aug 2022 | Time:11:49:00

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One of the best life insurance policies to protect your family's financial future from unforeseen circumstances is a term plan. If something were to happen to you, it would give your family a financial safety net to see them through the tough times. Life Insurance is a product whose importance is not relative to age. Life Insurance for a 20-year-old is as important as that for a 40 or even a 60-year-old person. Read on to know about the advantages of purchasing term plans at specific points in your life.

What is the age limit for buying term insurance

There is no term insurance age limit, per se. There are different benefits for buying term insurance at different stages of your life. You should not be worried that you may be purchasing insurance too late or too soon as the only thing that changes is the premium you pay. Let's look at the benefits of buying term insurance for different age groups.

Term insurance in your 20’s

The majority of salaried and independent workers begin working in their 20’s and have comparatively few responsibilities. However, some people could have additional obligations such as repaying student loans or providing for their families. Obtaining a term plan can protect your dependents in the sad event of your passing. You may also benefit from the low premiums available to people in their 20’s since term plans are cheaper when you are younger.

Term Insurance in your

In your 30’s, when you begin a family, the demands increase significantly. Additionally, you can be responsible for a number of debts, including a car or home loan. You can safeguard all these life goals by purchasing a term plan. You can choose a policy with a lower sum assured, if you believe the premium is out of your price range. Make sure you are thoroughly aware of the benefits and the term policy age limit before purchasing it. You can choose the appropriate payment interval based on your lifestyle and existing commitments.

Term Insurance in your 40’s

You may have repaid the majority of your debts, including student loans, car loans, and mortgages, by the time you are 40 or older. However, there may still be other obligations, such as retirement planning, home loans or saving for your child’s education. Your family's future and objectives will be secured if you consider your present and future commitments that need to be met.

Term Insurance in your 50’s

Once you reach age 50 or older, the premiums for term insurance considerably rises. However, buying term insurance for a 50-year-old in India is still advised. As you are growing older, you might have some medical expenses coming up that you need to save for. Your child might also be getting ready for higher studies, or you desire to live in your dream home. In the event of your untimely passing, your term insurance amount can cover these financial commitments, without burdening your family. Additionally, the term plan can provide a cushion to protect you from expenses toward certain critical illnesses that could drain your savings.

Term Insurance in your 60’s

At 60, you are either close to retirement or have already retired. In India, the maximum age limit to purchase a life insurance policy is 65 years and as long as you are within the term insurance entry age limit, you can purchase the policy. Term insurance can cover you for the duration of your choice. There are some policies that offer coverage till 99 years. Hence a life insurance policy can still be taken in your 60’s.

We hope that by guiding you through the benefits of taking life insurance at various ages you are now able to make an informed choice about the term insurance age limit. Here's to protecting yourself as well as your loved ones with insurance!


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