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Key features

Pay for a Limited Period

You only need to pay the premium for a short duration and get periodical cashback every 3rd, 4th, or 5th year as per your policy term.


Enjoy Benefits for the Entire Term

You can pay during your working years and enjoy benefits for the whole policy term (9, 12, or 15 years) with regular payouts.


Boost Your Investments

You can get guaranteed additions to your policy every year, which increase your maturity payout and risk cover.


Get high-risk coverage

You can secure your family’s future with a risk cover equal to higher of 10 times the annualised premium or sum assured on maturity plus guaranteed additions. 


Avail Tax Benefits

You can save tax on the premiums you pay and the benefits you receive as per the prevailing tax laws.


How to Buy IndiaFirst Life POS Cash Back Plan?

Step 1

Enter personal details

Provide your name, date of birth, gender, occupation and other details.


Step 2

Choose POS Cashback plan option

Select the plan term (9, 12, or 15 years) and the sum assured (₹50,000 to ₹10 lakh) that suit your needs.


Step 3

Check premium and benefits

View the premium amount for your chosen plan option and sum assured, and the benefits you will receive during and after the policy term. 


Step 4

Review your quote

A quote will be generated for you to review all your details.


Visualize your Plan


30 years

Ravi, a bank official, buys the plan with a sum assured of ₹2,00,000 for 15 years and premium payment for 10 years


30 - 36 years

Ravi pays an annual premium ₹16,888 for 6 years. He receives ₹40,000 benefit at the age of 35 


37 years

Ravi passes away during the policy term


Ravi’s Wife

Ravi’s Wife receives a death benefit which is (Maximum of 10* Annualized Premium/Sum Assured on maturity) + (Guaranteed Additions equal to 7% of Annualized Premium * Till Year of Death) amounting to a payout of ₹2,07,093


Survival Benefit

Ravi receives a payout of 20% of Sum Assured on maturity (₹2,00,000) as ₹40,000 which will be payable on 5th and 10th year + Maturity Benefit at end of policy term as ₹1,37,732


Eligibility Criteria

Maximum Maturity Age


65 years

Age at entry


Minimum age: 15 years

Maximum age:

  • For policy term of 9 years: 45 year 
  • For policy term of 12 and 15 years: 50 years

Policy term


9/12/15 years

Premium payment term


5/7/10 years

Premium Paying Mode Minimum Premium 
Monthly Rs 522 
Quarterly Rs 1,554 
Half YearlyRs 3,071 
Yearly Rs 6,000 

Minimum Annual Premium

Minimum Annual Premium



Sum Assured

  • Minimum: ₹50,000
  • Maximum: ₹10,00,000

How people have benefitted from IndiaFirst Life

Hassle-free Onboarding Process

From the onboarding process to the comprehensive medical tests, IndiaFirst Life ensured a hassle-free journey for me. The features of the plan I purchased are as per my expectations, providing me with peace of mind for future.

Mohit Agarwal

(Mumbai, 21st March 2024)

How people have benefitted from IndiaFirst Life

Pleasant Online Buying Experience

Buying IndiaFirst Life's life-insurance policy was a pleasant experience for me. The hassle-free nature of interaction with the company's representative was a boon and so was the inclusion of must-have features in their policy plans.

Satyam Nagwekar

(Mumbai, 22nd March 2024)

How people have benefitted from IndiaFirst Life

Trusted ally in my financial journey

IndiaFirst Life's Radiant Smart Invest Plan has completely won me over! It's like having a trusted ally in my financial journey. With its flexible fund switch options, I've been able to craft my investments just as I envisioned. In just a year, I've seen a remarkable 20% return on my investments! The support from the onboarding team has been absolutely fantastic, making me feel truly cared for and supported.

Paulomi Banerjee

(Kolkata, 21st March 2024)

How can we help?

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What is the IndiaFirst Life POS Cash Back Plan?


IndiaFirst Life POS Cash Back Plan is a non linked, non participating, limited premium, money back insurance plan. The policy provides security for your family while providing periodical payouts despite the ups and downs of life. Under this policy, you can choose how much you would like to insure yourself based on your requirements. We suggest you make sure this amount is what your family needs to avoid cash flow problems in case of the Life Assured's untimely demise.

Are any Government taxes applicable to be paid along with the premium? If yes, who bears it?


Yes, Government taxes will be applicable as per prevailing government regulations which are subject to change from time to time. These taxes will be borne by you, the policyholder.

Can you return your policy (free-look)?


Yes, you can return your policy within the Free Look period; 

In case you do not agree to the any policy terms and conditions, you have the option of returning the policy to us stating the reasons there of, within 15 days from the date of receipt of the policy. The free-look period for policies purchased through distance marketing or electronic mode will be 30 days. On receipt of your letter along with the original policy document, we shall arrange to refund you the premium, subject to deduction of the proportionate risk premium for the period of cover and stamp duty.

Do you get any refund when you cancel your policy?

Less: i. Pro-rata risk premium and rider premium, if any for the time the policy was in force
Less ii. Any stamp duty paid
Less iii. Expenses incurred on medical examination, if any

Can you avail of a loan under this policy?


No, loan facility is not available under this policy.

What is the term of the policy?


This is a limited premium policy with the option of choosing a policy term of 9/ 12/ 15 years.

2.A. What is the premium paying term available under the policy?

Policy TermPremium Payment Term
9 years5 years
12 years7 years
15 years10 years

What are the premium paying modes available under the policy?


The life assured has the option to pay monthly/ quarterly/ six monthly or yearly

How much can you at least invest?

Premium Paying ModeMinimum Premium
Monthly₹ 522
Quarterly₹ 1554
Half Yearly₹ 3071
Yearly₹ 6000

The following premium frequency factors for monthly, quarterly and six monthly policies will apply on the yearly premium to paid the premium for the below frequency. 


Premium FrequencyFactor To Be Applied To Yearly Premium
Half Yearly0.5119

What is the sum assured under this policy?


You have the option to choose the sum assured on maturity as per your needs and requirement. 


Sum Assured on maturityLimit 
Minimum ₹ 50,000
Maximum ₹ 10,00,000


The guaranteed additions will depend on the policy term as mentioned below: 


Policy TermRate of Guaranteed Additions as % of one Annualized Premium at every policy year end 
9 years5% of Annualized Premium
12 years6% of Annualized Premium
15 years 7% of Annualized Premium

The Guaranteed Additions will accrue at the end of the policy year and will continue to accrue in the same way after completion of premium payment term provided all premiums are paid till the date of maturity.

Does the policy offer a high sum assured rebate/ discount?


Yes, the policy offers a high sum assured rebate as mentioned below -


Sum Assured BandDiscount in premium per thousand Sum Assured on maturity (in Rs)
₹ 50 thousand to less than ₹ 1 lakhNil
₹ 1 lakh to less than ₹ 2 lakhs 6
₹ 2 lakhs to less than ₹ 5 lakhs9
₹ 5 lakhs and above 10

What do you receive at the end of the policy term?


The life assured will receive 60% of the sum assured at maturity along with guaranteed additions based on the policy term as maturity benefit. The benefit will be payable at the end of policy term.

Who are the people involved in the policy?


This policy may include the 'Life Assured', the 'Policyholder', the 'Nominee' and the 'Appointee'.

Who is a Life Assured'? 

Life assured is the person, on whose life the policy has been issued. Risk Cover starts immediately on the Policy start date. On the Life Assured's death, the benefit is paid out and the policy ends. Any person can be the life assured, as long as –


Policy TermMinimum Age at Entry attainedMaximum Age at Entry attained
9 Years15 Years45 Years
12 Years15Years50 Years
15 Years15 Years50 Years

Maximum Maturity age
65 years as on the last birthday

Who is a policyholder?

A policyholder is the person who holds the policy. The policyholder may or may not be the Life Assured. You must be at least 18 years as on your last birthday at the time of applying for the policy, to be a policyholder. 

Who is a nominee?

Nominee(s) is the person nominated by the Life Assured under this Policy who is authorized to receive the claim benefit payable under this Policy and to give a valid discharge to the Company on settlement of the claim. Nomination should be in accordance with provisions of Sec 39 of the Insurance Act 1938 as amended from time to time. 

Who is an appointee?

Appointee is the person to whom the proceeds/ benefits secured under the Policy are payable if the benefit becomes payable to the nominee(s) and nominee(s) is minor as on the date of claim payment.

What is the date from which the Risk Cover start?


The Risk commencement date is the date from which the insurance coverage starts under this Policy. The Risk Commencement date is the same as the date of issuance of the policy or the policy start date.

What happens in case of the life assured's demise?


In case of life assured's unfortunate demise, we will pay the death benefit to the nominee/ appointee/ legal heir/ assignee / person.

The death benefit shall be the sum of Sum Assured on death and guaranteed addition till date of death where Sum Assured on death is defined as highest of :

  • Guaranteed Sum Assured at maturity, or
  • 10 times the annualized premium, excluding modal factor, extra premium / rider premium, if any, or
  • Any absolute amount assured to be paid on death, or
  • 105% of total premiums paid, excluding applicable taxes and extra premium/ Rider premium, if any, under the policy.

The guaranteed Sum Assured on maturity is the Basic Sum Assured or an Absolute amount assured to be paid on death.

In the life assured's unfortunate demise, after the payment of death benefit, the policy gets terminated and hence no Survival Benefit or Maturity benefit is payable.

What happens in case of the policyholders demise (when life assured is a minor)?


In case of policyholder's untimely demise while the life assured is a minor, the surviving parent or legal guardian or anyone with an insurable interest in the minor's life will be the policyholder.

The life assured will automatically become the policyholder once he/ she attains 18 years' age. 

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