Make Your Money Work Harder For You by Investing in these Best ULIP Plans 2023

Investing in stocks is so tempting, especially when you hear stories of how people have made meteoric riches through it.

Author:IndiaFirst Life | Date:28 Jun 2023 | Time:14:09:00

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Investing in stocks is so tempting, especially when you hear stories of how people have made meteoric riches through it. But it is not as easy as it requires market knowledge, constant monitoring, and staying updated with trends. You may not have the aptitude for this, but you can still leverage the benefits of the share market by investing in ULIP. 

What is a ULIP plan? 

ULIP (Unit Linked Insurance Plan) is a market-linked investment that gives you the double benefit of investment and insurance protection. Part of your premium is used for life cover and the rest is invested in your chosen fund to grow your savings.  

The investment portion helps create wealth to enable you to plan for long-term goals that require high value investments, while the insurance protection ensures that your family is cleared of all financial roadblocks, if something unfortunate were to happen to you. 

The best ULIP plan in India 2023 

The best unit linked insurance plan is that which can easily evolve to your needs and priorities by switching between funds, to protect you from market volatilities. 

IndiaFirst Life has the three best ULIP plans for investment. The IndiaFirst Life Wealth Maximizer Plan is a customisable unit-linked, non-participating savings ULIP.  It offers seven different fund options and various investment strategies to enhance your financial portfolio. Designed to be a long-term investment tool, it offers the right incentives to enable you to stay invested and watch your wealth grow. 

The IndiaFirst Money Balance Plan is a unit-linked, non-participating life insurance endowment policy that helps create wealth for the future, while safeguarding you from market volatilities. 

The best ULIP plan in India 2023, however, is IndiaFirst Life Radiance Smart Invest Plan, which ranks high on flexibility, growth potential, and comprehensive financial protection. This plan offers an abundance of options that are designed to meet every need. A choice of multiple life insurance coverages, fund options and prudent savings strategies help you tailor the perfect plan that meets your financial and personal goals. The safety net of life insurance cover gives you complete peace of mind knowing that your family's financial security is well taken care of.  

If you would like to invest in your family’s future, invest in the IndiaFirst Life Radiance Smart Invest Plan, simply by clicking here

ULIP Benefits and Features of IndiaFirst Life Radiance Smart Invest Plan

Assured Financial Security: Safeguard your family's financial future in case of your unfortunate demise 

Wealth Creation: Build a corpus of wealth by investing in market-linked fund options 

10 Fund Options: Find the right fund and get unlimited free switches to evolve with your needs 

Multiple Strategies: A choice of six investment strategies meet every unique financial goal 

Zero Allocation Charges: No deduction from premiums gives you more returns on your investment 

Covers Accidental Death: The Extra Shield option lets you purchase an additional cover equivalent to the claim amount and your family gets both these amounts in case of your death by accident 

Optimize Your Investment: Multiple investment strategies help you achieve your financial goals faster.  

Reduce Risks: With 10 fund options and unlimited switches, you can control your investment to take advantage of changing market conditions. 

This is How IndiaFirst Life Radiance Smart Invest Plan works

Mr. Kumar at the age of 40 has purchased the IndiaFirst Life Radiance Smart Invest Plan. He invested in the Family Care Shield Option for the policy and premium payment term of 40 years. He opted to pay an annual regular premium of INR 2,50,000 for a Sum Assured of INR 25,00,000 in the policy. 

He further optimised his investments by selecting the Defined Allocation Strategy. He chose Dynamic Asset Allocation (30%), Flexi Cap Equity (25%), Sustainable Equity (25%) and Equity Elite Opportunities (20%) as 4 fund options in the strategy. 

The strategy ensured that his funds were rebalanced in the proportion mentioned by him every 6 months to enhance his savings. 

At the end of policy term, he will receive a fund value of Rs. 3,34,92,608 @8% or Rs. 1,32,88,611 @ 4% interest rate, which will help him achieve his goals. 

Even in case of his death during the policy term, the premiums will be funded by us, and the policy will till maturity and help his loved ones achieve their goals. 

ULIPs provide a versatile investment option that effectively addresses various financial needs and goals, all while ensuring capital growth and life insurance coverage. Including ULIPs in your investment portfolio is a smart move, particularly if your top priorities are achieving substantial growth and comprehensive protection. By incorporating ULIPs, you can effectively cater to both these important aspects and take significant steps towards securing a prosperous and secure future. 


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