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Our Life Insurance Tools & Calculators

Use our financial Tools & Calculators to protect your assets and grow financially. Explore various coverage options, add-on riders, premiums and policy benefits and make an informed decision. These tools allow you to make smarter financial decisions and pave the way for a stable future.

Explore IndiaFirst Life’s comprehensive range of online tools for a better understanding of your policy. Our easy-to-use calculators allow you to compare quotes, benefits and premiums across insurance policies with ease.

Our library of calculators is extensive and evolving rapidly. So, get ready to explore and empower your financial journey.


Investment Calculators

Power of Compounding Calculator

Manage the potential growth of your investments through compounding.


Future Wealth Creation Calculator

Plan and estimate for your future wealth creation journey.


PPF Calculator

Plan your savings and investments with the Public Provident Fund Calculator.


ULIP Calculator

Discover the returns and benefits of your Unit-Linked Insurance Plan.


Insurance Calculators

Retirement Planning Calculator

Plan for a peaceful and comfortable retirement.


Human Life Value Calculator


Paid-Up Calculator

Know the paid-up value of your insurance coverage and premiums.


Cost of Delay Calculator

Understand the financial impact of postponing important decisions.


Child Education and Marriage Plan Calculator

Secure your child's future with a proper education and marriage plan.


Health Calculators

BMI Calculator

Are you tracking your BMI? Start prioritising your health now!


Financial Planning Calculators

EMI Calculator

Estimate your EMIs with no hassle.


Income Tax Calculator

Calculate your income tax liability with an easy tool.


Fund Allocation Calculator

Optimise your investment portfolio with our balanced strategies.


HRA Calculator

Need to find how much tax you can save through HRA exemptions?


Financial Tools and Calculator FAQs

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Are insurance calculators useful?


In this modern era, planning all details about insurance is essential. However, not all online records are helpful. Financial calculators provide unique numerical insights and analyses that empower intelligent decision-making to strengthen your financial portfolio.

One excellent tool is IndiaFirst Life’s online financial calculator, which calculates income tax liabilities, retirement investments, policy paid-up value, EMI loan reimbursement, asset allocations, and more.

What Are the Advantages of Using Financial Calculators Online?


The Advantages of Using Online Financial Calculators are -

1. Eliminating guesswork: Online financial calculators ensure accurate and reliable results.

2. Accurate premium calculation: Instead of blindly accepting the insurance company's quoted premium, these calculators help you take a look at the premium calculations.

3. Effective financial management: Utilising online financial calculators improvises future financial planning processes.

4.  Understanding premium factors: Life insurance coverage calculators provide details of the various factors influencing life insurance coverage rates to help make smart decisions.

5. Making informed decisions: Determining how much money is required to invest in securing your family's financial future becomes convenient. You can assess annual income, future liabilities, financial needs and expenses that impact life insurance premiums.

How to use IndiaFirst Life Insurance premium calculators?


1. Input details: Enter personal information, such as age, gender, income and any specific details required for the online financial calculators.

2. Select preferences: Choose desired outcomes, such as the total sum assured, policy tenure or type.

3. Choose add-on riders: Opt for add-on riders from the available coverage options.

4. Premium payment: Proceed to pay the premium online upon finding an appropriate policy.

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