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  • Are insurance calculators useful?

    In the 21st Century, a simple online search could easily lead to information overload. However, not all the information you find online is helpful. Insurance premium calculators deal with concrete numbers to give you invaluable data that you can use to make intelligent choices for your financial portfolio.

    Use IndiaFirst Life’s financial calculators online to calculate your income tax liabilities, retirement investments, paid-up value of your policy, EMI loan repayment, asset allocations, and more. Then, quickly evaluate your options to make an informed choice for your financial needs.

  • What are the advantages of using financial calculators online?

    Financial calculators help take the guesswork out of number-crunching for you. There are many advantages of using financial calculators online:

    • With the correct life insurance premium calculators, it becomes easy to calculate premium amounts. Instead of blindly agreeing to pay whatever an insurance provider is asking from you as a premium, life insurance calculators help you arrive at the right amount without any help.
    • Using financial calculators online enables you to manage your finances and plan for your future better.
    • Since you can see what information is required by life insurance calculators, you clearly understand the factors that affect life insurance premiums.
    • Deciding how much you can invest in your loved ones’ future financial security becomes easy when you can see how your annual income, future liabilities, financial goals, and other expenses affect your life insurance premiums.

  • How to use IndiaFirst Life insurance premium calculators?

    While purchasing any insurance product, it is essential to understand that an insurance instrument is designed to start working in your worst-case scenario. This means that you need to know beforehand precisely how this product will help you or your loved ones in your absence. IndiaFirst Life financial calculators have all the answers for you in an easy-to-use format.

    For life insurance premium calculators:

    • Input required personal details, including your age, gender, income, and any specifics needed by the financial calculators online.
    • Select your desired outcome, e.g., total sum assured, specific tenure, type of policy
    • Choose add-on riders from proffered policy options.
    • Proceed to pay premiums online when you find the right policy for you.

    Other financial calculators online can be used to calculate your income tax liabilities, EMI repayments, retirement corpus, or paid-up value.