Online Life Insurance

IndiaFirst Life offers a range of online life insurance plans making it easy and convenient to buy life insurance online. Spread across categories such as Protection, Savings, Investments, and Retirement, IndiaFirst Life online life insurance plans are designed to meet your coverage needs and be customised to suit your preferences.

When you buy life insurance plans from IndiaFirst Life, one of the primary benefits is hassle-free purchase and renewal. Choose IndiaFirst Life’s online life insurance plans and save your family’s future.

Why should you buy life insurance online?

When you buy life insurance online, you pay a lower premium as the insurance company passes the savings on operational costs to you. This allows you to afford a higher cover. Buying life insurance online makes policy comparison easier. Also, it is easier to find best options online and the payment methods are secure.  

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What are the benefits of buying Online Life Insurance Plans?

  • No Intermediaries

    When you buy life insurance policies online, you do not need to meet with an agent or travel to the insurance office to get the process started. Buy online life insurance cover by directly logging in to IndiaFirst Life's website. Not only will you get access to all the details you need to make an informed decision about the online life insurance products, but you will also have easy access to a seamless online buying journey with no intermediaries.

  • Save Money

    Buy online life insurance policy and save money on premiums. An offline life insurance plan includes distribution and processing fees. Online life insurance plans tend to have lower premiums because of reduced business expenditure as online life insurance plans do not necessitate paying commission to agents or any other avoidable overhead.

  • Easy tracking

    Paperwork leaves a trail; however, making sense of that trail takes time and energy. With online life insurance plans, you can track all your policies online. Ensure that you you’re your policy numbers handy for easy tracking of online life insurance plans.

  • EKYC

    With online life insurance plans, the entire process of finding, customising, purchasing, tracking, and renewing plans occurs online. Complete your KYC formalities with minimum paperwork and zero hassles. Upload the required ID and residence proofs instantly.

  • Assistance on a click

    To buy life insurance online, you do not need to be tech-savvy. IndiaFirst Life offers a live chat feature & toll-free number, so you have all the support you need at the click of a button. Besides chatting with IndiaFirst Life online, you can also send an email or look through the FAQ section for assistance.


  • Can I buy life insurance online?

    Yes. You can quickly and safely buy life insurance online in India. An online life insurance policy offers you all the benefits that you would get when you buy life insurance plans, with additional advantages of no paperwork, no delays, no commission, and no physical contact with agents. Many online life insurance policy providers also offer discounts for making online payments.

  • Is buying life insurance a good investment?

    There are many reasons why buying life insurance is a good investment. When you buy life insurance online, you get high coverage at affordable premiums, the peace of mind that your life is covered in any eventuality, and protection from liabilities in case of an untimely demise. Along with this, you also get tax benefits and the convenience of online life insurance policy purchases.

  • At what age should I get life insurance?

    It is always recommended that you buy life insurance as early as possible in life. When you buy life insurance plans at a young age, your premiums rates are lower because you are healthier and present a low-risk profile to the insurer. The next best time to buy life insurance plans is now.

  • How do I buy an online life insurance policy?

    When you buy online life insurance policy in India, you benefit from a fast and affordable process. Click the 'Buy Online' life insurance plans button on the IndiaFirst website and answer questions about your employment status, annual income, date of birth, smoking habits, and gender. Once you get a quote for your online life insurance policy, you can immediately pay for your online life insurance. Get hands-on protection for your family by choosing to buy life insurance plans online today.

  • What are the factors that affect life insurance premium online?

    There are many factors that affect online life insurance premiums. These are Age, Gender, Medical Records, Family History, Tobacco Usage, Alcohol Consumption, Obesity, Profession and other lifestyle choices. The online life insurance premiums are calculated depending on the combination of these factors and this differs across insurers.