Reclaim the magic of the festivities 

The festive season has begun in full swing in India, which means many of us are preparing for the next few months of hosting friends & family, making and serving great food, getting the house cleaned, shopping for gifts and much more.

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The festive season has begun in full swing in India, which means many of us are preparing for the next few months of hosting friends & family, making and serving great food, getting the house cleaned, shopping for gifts and much more.  

While we’re eagerly awaiting this time to rejuvenate and recharge, for some of us it can also become a time of stress & anxiety. With inconsistent routines, high cholesterol diets, maxed out budgets and erratic sleep schedules – it is easy to get carried away in the festive fervor, so much so that it leaves us feeling even more stressed out than before. 

So how can we ensure that this doesn’t happen? How can we be sure to have a wholesome and meaningful festive celebration, embracing our older traditions, creating new ones and reclaiming the magic that brings the family together? 

Read on to know how!  

  1. 1) The glorious glow up  

Don’t skimp on yourself. You have chased your goals, prioritized your family and have worked hard the whole year. So, this is your chance to really reward yourself, let your hair down and get some much-needed family time in!  

  • Your space, your personality 

Each year, the struggle to decorate your house and keep up with the latest trends can leave you feeling exhausted. This year, why not invest in something more natural and long-lasting that can help you spruce up your space, and give it a vibrant, festive personality? 

Think about utilizing items that have a long-lasting impact, as well as a high utility value. Instead of buying festive decorations that you will simply throw away in the new year, consider investing in things like vibrant art, potted plants and natural mud diyas to give your place a festive vibe. Be pocket-friendly, environment-friendly and health-friendly too!  

  • Invest in time with your family 

Getting festive ready need not be a chore. Get the family together to create some new traditions and have a ton of fun along the way! Make your own diyas, cook a healthy dessert together, wrap-up dry fruits and sweets for gift boxes as a family, learn a Bollywood dance as a group… the list is endless. Cherishing these moments together will make it a festival season like no other. 

  1. 2) Be the old-new you 

Festivals are not just the time to make new memories, they’re also the time to revisit old ones! All of us have a precious jacket (last worn in college) a lovely silk scarf (gifted by your spouse) or a heavy saree (last worn at your own wedding) in our wardrobe. We preserve these lovely things but never seem to use them. But why not? Use this season to give your most precious items a new lease on life. Pair a vintage and heavy outfit with a trendy light accessory, revisit the oldest part of your wardrobes and jazz simple stuff up with some embroidery or cut-outs. You can do a lot to reuse items that have meaning to you. Bring out the stories of your re-fresh at the party, and watch while your families’ faces light up!  

  1. 3) Healthy habits for healthy holidays 

We understand the festive season is a wonderful opportunity to bring everyone together, but being a little more careful with your health can go a long way in reducing the mental and financial load during this time. Simple things like having 6 to 8 hours of sleep, maintaining a schedule of your medications and drinking at least 3-4 litres of water everyday can help you maintain your gut health & avoid unnecessary binges.  

  • Start your day with either *1 litre of hot water or drink a celery, lime and ginger shot 30 minutes before breakfast to help boost your metabolism.

  • Follow it up with a *30-minute exercise which could be a brisk walk, stretches or yoga asanas.

  • Make the switch to tandoori vegetables, and international options like hummus with veggie sticks or dim sums. Trendy can also be super-healthy!

  • Be watchful of your blood sugar levels. Incorporate ‘healthier’ alternatives into your food & sweet preparations as well, and start building these healthier options into the family recipes. Your children & grandchildren will be thankful later.  

  • Spend a few minutes meditating every day to bring yourself a sense of peace and calm through the chaos. 

Remember a smart and mindful way of managing the home and your family’s traditions begins with you setting an example for your children. In addition to all of this, consider involving your family in the financial planning for the festive season and all that it involves. It will not only set a good precedent and teach valuable skills, but also ensure that you are building a legacy of security for your family. 

So, this year, reclaim the magic of the festivities with your outlook to safe-guarding tradition and inculcating mindful practices that will keep the family together, happy and safe.

Disclaimer - *Doctors advise is recommended before starting the routine.  


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