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Key Features of IndiaFirst Life Wealth Maximizer Plan

Market-Linked Growth

Invest in diverse funds & potentially earn high returns


Fund Switching

Effortlessly move between funds to maximize profits


Multiple Investment Strategies

Optimise your portfolio with 3 unique ULIP investment strategies


Loyalty Rewards

Additional units added to your fund for staying invested


Boost Savings

Top-up your fund value to accelerate your wealth creation


Fund Options

Choose from 7 different investment options to suit your goals


Steps to Buy IndiaFirst Life Wealth Maximizer Plan

Step 1

Enter Basic Details

Fill in your name, contact information, and any other necessary personal details, like DoB.


Step 2

Choose Your Strategy

Select an investment strategy and choose how much you wish to invest to meet your financial goals


Step 3

Review Your Quote

Check the details of your insurance plan and the premium amount. Review any additional benefits or riders included in the policy.


Step 4

Talk to Our Experts

Contact our knowledgeable advisors for any questions or clarifications and get personalised guidance on the best policy for you.


Visualize Your Plan


Age 30

Mr. Aggarwal buys the IndiaFirst Life Wealth Maximizer Plan with ₹2,50,000 annual premium for 10 years and policy term of 40 years, securing ₹62,50,000 sum assured.


Age 35

Begins benefiting from loyalty advantages (6th year onwards till the end of premium payment term).


Age 40

Triggers profit booster after 10 years, repeating every 5 years.


Age 70

Nears end of plan term anticipates substantial benefits.


Age 71

Receives fund value of ₹2,55,65,269 @8% investment return or ₹57,82,572 @4%, surpassing the ₹25,00,000 premiums paid.


Investment Strategies

Age-Based Investment Strategy:

This strategy automatically adjusts your asset allocation between different funds based on your age. As you get older, your fund allocation will be redistributed to balance your portfolio and manage risk exposure. This helps to protect your future as you near retirement.


Auto Transfer Balanced Investment Strategy(ATBIS):

This strategy automatically transfers a portion of your investment from equity funds to debt funds when the equity fund's returns reach a predefined trigger rate. This helps to lock in profits and reduce volatility by choosing to transfer your positive returns in to relatively safer fund options.


Fund Transfer Strategy:

Systematically enhance your policy's performance. You can select your fund option in your ULIP insurance plan. Utilising rupee cost averaging to optimise returns, you can enter the market systematically and earn returns over a period of time.


Eligibility Criteria

Age at Entry


Minimum Entry Age

  • 5 years


Maximum Entry Age

  • For 5-Year PPT: 55 years
  • For 10/ 15/ 20 - Year PPT: 65 years
  •  For Single/ Regular Pay: 65 years


*PPT - Premium Payment Term

Age at Maturity


Minimum Maturity Age

  • 18 years


Maximum Maturity Age

  • For 5 Year PPT: 70 years
  • For 10/ 15/ 20 PPT: 90 years
  • For Single/ Regular Pay: 90 years

Policy Term

  • Single: 5 - 30 years
  • Regular/ Limited: 10 - 85 years

Premium Payment Term


5/ 10/ 15/ 20 years or Single Payment

Maximum Premium Amount


Subject to Board Approved underwriting policy

Minimum Premium Amount

  • Regular/ Limited: ₹2,50,000
  • Single: ₹5,00,000

How people have benefitted from IndiaFirst Life

Hassle-free Onboarding Process

From the onboarding process to the comprehensive medical tests, IndiaFirst Life ensured a hassle-free journey for me. The features of the plan I purchased are as per my expectations, providing me with peace of mind for future.

Mohit Agarwal

(Mumbai, 21st March 2024)

How people have benefitted from IndiaFirst Life

Pleasant Online Buying Experience

Buying IndiaFirst Life's life-insurance policy was a pleasant experience for me. The hassle-free nature of interaction with the company's representative was a boon and so was the inclusion of must-have features in their policy plans.

Satyam Nagwekar

(Mumbai, 22nd March 2024)

How people have benefitted from IndiaFirst Life

Trusted ally in my financial journey

IndiaFirst Life's Radiant Smart Invest Plan has completely won me over! It's like having a trusted ally in my financial journey. With its flexible fund switch options, I've been able to craft my investments just as I envisioned. In just a year, I've seen a remarkable 20% return on my investments! The support from the onboarding team has been absolutely fantastic, making me feel truly cared for and supported.

Paulomi Banerjee

(Kolkata, 21st March 2024)

How can we help?

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How are the charges recovered?


Premium allocation charge is recovered from the premium you pay us. It is deducted up front from the premium before any other charge deduction or allocation. In case of other charges we will recover the same by cancellation of units at the prevailing unit price.

The cancellation of units will be effected in the same proportion as the value of units held in the fund. 

Are taxes applicable? If yes, who bears it? 

Yes, we will deduct the applicable taxes in accordance with the applicable provisions of Income tax Act, 1961 on all the applicable charges levied by us under this Policy. The taxes deducted by us is in addition to the charges under the policy. The tax rates are subject to change basis any change in the directives issued by the Government.


How do we value units in your policy?


We will value your units in line with the unit linked guidelines issued by the IRDAI. As per the prevailing guidelines of the Authority, Unit Price will be calculated as follows:

Market value of the assets, Plus: value of current assets, Less: value of current liabilities and provisions, if any, Divided: by the number of units exi s ting on the valuation date (before creation/redemption of units).

When divided by the total number of units in the fund at the valuation date (before any units are redeemed), we get the unit price of the fund under consideration.

Is there a grace period for missed premiums?


We provide you a grace period of 30 days for payment of all premiums under quarterly, half yearly and yearly modes and 15 days under monthly mode. This period starts from the due date of each premium payment. All your plan benefits continue during this grace period

Tax benefits under this policy


Tax benefits may be available on premiums paid and benefits receivable as per prevailing Income Tax Laws. These are subject to change from time to time as per the Government Tax laws. Please consult your tax consultant before purchasing this policy.

What is Switching?


You can move from one fund to another by switching your funds. This is not allowed in case the life assured is less than 18 years old. 

Are there any limits for switching?

Under switching you may transfer some or all your units from one unit linked fund to another.


Minimum switching amount Maximum switching amount 
INR 5,000 Fund Value


What are the charges for switching between funds?


You are allowed to make unlimited number of switches in a calendar month. These switches are free of charge. 

What is the IndiaFirst Life Wealth Maximizer Plan?


Our IndiaFirst Life Wealth Maximizer Plan is a unit linked, non-participating savings plan, specially designed for high net worth individuals like you, who want to maximize returns on their savings and create additional wealth for a comfortable life ahead. 

What is Top-up Premium?


This is an option in the policy which allows you to park an amount over and above your regular/ limited or single premiums in the policy. This facility increases your amount of savings in the policy. You can avail this option any time before the last five policy years during your policy term given that all your due premiums have been paid. Every payment of top-up premium will increase top-up sum assured. 

Are there any limits on Top-up Premiums?

Minimum Top-up amountMaximum Top-up amount
Rs. 10,000Total Regular/Limited/Single Premiums paid at the time of top-up payment 

How much minimum can you pay?

Minimum PremiumMonthlyQuarterlyHalf YearlyYearly 
Regular Premium/ Limited Premium (INR)20,83362,5001,25,0002,50,000 
Single Premium (INR)5,00,000


Maximum PremiumMonthly QuarterlyHalf YearlyYearly
Regular Premium/Limited Premium/ Single PremiumNo limit subject to board approved underwriting policy  

What are the premium paying modes available?


You can pay your premium(s) through single, limited and regular premiums.


Single PremiumLimited Premium
Regular Premium
Onetime payment onlyYearly, Half-Yearly, Quarterly, MonthlyYearly, Half-Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly

How is the sum assured calculated?


The calculation of the sum assured depends on the type of the policy you hold. 

Minimum Sum Assured


Regular and Limited Premium Single Premium
7* Annualized Premium125% of single premium


Maximum Sum Assured

The maximum sum assured is set at ‘X’ times the annualized/ single premium for regular premium, limited premium and single premium plans. Here ‘X’ will be taken from the table below –

  • For Regular & Limited Premium
Age band/ PPTFor Regular Premium PolicieFor Limited Premium Policies (5 yrs-PPTFor Limited Premium Policies (10/15/2 0 yrs-PPT
5 -25 302030
26-30 302030


  • For Single premium:
Age band For policy term 5For other policy terms
5 -251010
45 - 65 1.251.25


In case of top-up premium 

Top-up Premium
125% of premium


What are the payout options at the end of the policy term?


On maturity you may choose to Receive the entire fund value as a lump sum payment Receive your maturity payout in monthly instalments upto a period of 5 years as per your choice, by opting for the ‘Settlement Option’. During the Settlement period, applicable fund management charges & mortality charges will be applicable. The policyholder can ask to withdraw the balance/complete fund value at any time during the settlement period.

You may choose to receive this payment in equal units at regular intervals (i.e. monthly/quarterly/ half-yearly/yearly as chosen by the policyholder) over a period of time specified by you. This period is called the Settlement Period. During this period, only the fund management and mortality charges will be applicable. You can ask for the balance fund value at any time during the settlement period.

What do you receive at the end of the policy term?


You, the policyholder will receive Fund Value, inclusive of Top-up fund value, if any, at the end of the policy term.

What happens in case of the Life Assured's demise?


In the untimely event of the life assured’s demise while the policy is in force or from the due date of first unpaid premium till the expiry of the grace period, the Nominee(s)/Appointee/Legal Heir, as the case may be, will receive the benefit under the policy equal to higher of fund value as on date of death or sum assured, either

  • As a lump sum payout; or
  •  As monthly instalments upto a period of 5years, as opted. If this option is opted for, the Nominee(s) / Appointee/ Legal Heir(s), as the case may be can ask to withdraw the balance death benefit at any time during the settlement period. No Partial Withdrawals of Funds will be allowed during this period. In case of death benefit payout in instalments; the monthly instalment amount will be calculated by multiplying the death benefit by annuity factor, where annuity factor will be arrived on the basis of prevailing SBI savings bank interest rate as on date of death. Once the instalment payment starts, this payment remains level 7 throughout the instalment period. The prevailing SBI savings bank interest rate is subject to review at the end of every financial year and will be changed in case of change in SBI savings bank interest rate.

The amount will be paid out to the appointee if the nominee is a minor. However, at any point of time, the death benefit will not be less than 105% of the total premiums paid during the policy term.

In case of paid-up policies, on death of the life assured, an amount equal to the higher of the paid-up sum assured or fund value will be payable to the Nominee/ Appointee/ Legal Heir, as per the payout option selected by the policyholder at the inception of the policy.

In case of the life assured’s demise, where the Life Assured is a minor and the commencement of life cover is yet to begin, the death benefit will be equal to the Fund Value.

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